Terrell, Wills Point educator couple and three children dead after wreck

Michael Hardman, a Terrell ISD second grade teacher, his wife Trudi, a Wills Point kindergarten teacher, and three of the couple's children died late Wednesday in a wreck on I-20 near Monroe, La. The couple was headed to Disney World. For more information visit Tyler TV station KLTV's website:


The 16-year-old driver of an SUV in which five members of the Michael and Trudi Hardman family were killed Wednesday night has been cited for careless operation of a vehicle, according to Michael Reichardt, with the Louisiana State Police.

He said early Friday afternoon the misdemeanor charge is something that is typical in a vehicle wreck investigation.

“We’re still looking at the investigation and don’t really have anything new at this time,” Reichardt said.

Eight people were in the 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe at the time of the wreck and six — all who were not wearing seatbelts at the time — were ejected. Reichardt said three of the couple’s children died in the crash and three other children were hospitalized.

The wreck was reported to Louisiana officials at 10:46 p.m. Wednesday night as the vehicle veered off of Interstate 20 as the family was headed east to Disney World for a vacation.

“Two of the children were treated and released from the hospital here,” Reichardt said. “The third child remains in a Shreveport hospital in critical condition.”

Reichardt said the driver, Andrew Hardman, 16, was one of those treated and released.

Michael Hardman was a second grade teacher at Terrell’s JFK Elementary School while his wife was a kindergarten teacher in Wills Point ISD. Michael Hardman formerly taught at Wills Point.

Reichardt said Louisiana State Police they responded to the Wednesday night wreck on Interstate 20 west of Calhoun and near Monroe.

He said the investigation indicated Andrew Hardman fell asleep at the SUV veered off I-20. He then overcorrected and the vehicle rolled over, Reichardt said.

Three of their children, Kaci, 4, Adam, 7, and Dakota, 15, were also killed in the wreck.

The Wills Point ISD officials said the district’s superintendent and athletic director headed to Louisiana on Thursday to be with the family. The high school principal said there will be a memorial after Thanksgiving.

Terrell ISD Superintendent Micheal French said the district’s staff was shocked by the news.

"Today, our Tiger family grieves the tragic loss of one of our team members, Michael Hardman, who was dedicated to his second grade students at J. F. Kennedy Elementary School," French said on Thursday. "His surviving family members, colleagues, students and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. We must lift each other up during this difficult time."

TISD officials said Michael Hardman had been with the district since 2013. They also said school district counselors were available to support students and staff.

Wills Point ISD officials also issued a statement regarding the crash.

"Words cannot express the sadness in our hearts today. The Hardman family was in a serious accident in Louisiana last night,” Wills Point officials said Thursday in a prepared statement. “Five family members were lost in the accident and three survived.

“Please keep the family and their friends in your thoughts and prayers. The impact of the tragedy is far reaching and has affected each campus,” officials said. “Also, keep the family of Jami Johnson, another teacher, in your prayers as this has also impacted her family as well with the loss of one son and two others injured.”

Wills Point officials also said counselors were available on each campus for students and staff.

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Look. 12 hour road trips with kids are never examples of perfection. Don't make this the story; I grew up with Michael, and I knew him to be a good guy. This is going to be hard enough on the poor boy who was driving; and making this a cause will just twist the agony more. This was a tragedy which could have happened to any of a hundred people daily making long road trips. For the sake of those left behind, let this one go.


Did you really have that as the headline? Tragic enough without having more family members have it hit them in the face again.


Someone wasn't being responsible here. I'm not blaming this poor kid b/c accidents do happen but no seat belts, really! So very sad and such a loss for the whole family. My prayers go out to the family.


Cited this child, REALLY? REALLY? He had his seat belt on, this is not about fault, its about a tragic situation. Right now it does not matter what happened, but what does matter is that these families need all the support they can get especially the children left behind.

Joyce Hinds

What the He** are these cops thinking citing that child, it is the parents fault for letting him drive in the first place instead of them getting a hotel room just so they could save a little money! This child now has to live with killing his family and getting "cited" as well proving he did something wrong! Why didn't the parents teach him that the car don't move until the seat belts are on, why didn't the parents say if you feel tired "pull over" this was an accident a very tragic accident and this poor child... unless this child gets a lifetime of help to get through it will end in tragic way as well.


Thankfully a DA in Louisiana just dismissed the ticket that was issued because I'm sure that after the dust settled they all realized that this poor kid will have nightmares about this horrible accident for the rest of his life. That being said I still cannot believe those parents handed the keys to their 16 year old, rolled over in their seats, and went to sleep with no seat belts on! Not in a million years would MY dad have done that with me in the middle of the day, let alone in the middle of the night!!

Bethany Turriff

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