Later this year, Terrell will become home to a new company called 1836 Farms, an organic dairy that will sell its milk in glass bottles.

The dairy will be at the former site of FUJI Film, a roughly 34,000-square-foot building along State Hwy. 34 near Virginia Street.

Lamar Schrock, a company representative who oversees the project, said 1836 Farms will initially employ about 20 people. The company hopes to have operations in Terrell up and running in November.

The milk will be sourced from a local USDA-certified organic producer, according to Schrock. “We’re still working out some contracts,” he said.

Primary distribution of the bottled organic milk will be in the Metroplex area.

“We’ve already got other product lines in mind that we plan to expand on in the near future,” said Schrock. He expects 1836 Farms to expand rapidly across Texas.

Schrock credit Terrell EDC President Ray Dunlap with facilitating the deal in Terrell.

“Ray’s been a great help. We really love the local connections, and he hooks us up with all kinds of local people. He’s been a huge source for us.”

1836 Farms eventually settled on Terrell because it is an excellent location for distribution, said Schrock. The company regards Terrell as a partner in the endeavor.

"I’m excited to have 1836 Farms as a new business in Terrell,” said Terrell Mayor Rick Carmona. “Everything about this deal works well for Terrell, from being able to rehabilitate existing building and land inventory to the branding of our city by having Terrell on it’s glass bottles. The fact that we can be a part of making milk available in glass bottles again is something unique in itself.  I look forward to a long and healthy relationship between the city EDC, and 1836 Farms.”

Bruce Wood, chairman of the Terrell Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, said: "The 1836 Farms Organic milk product is unique, and will be a wonderful product bottled right here in Terrell America and sold all over Texas and surrounding states. A great use of the former FUJI building with a brand new look outside look as well."

The milk will be sold in quart and half-gallon returnable bottles. Each bottle will carry the name Terrell, Texas.

Schrock said 1836 Farms sees a growing future in glass bottles, both from an environmental and taste standpoint.

“We see a future where more and more companies and more and more people will go to refillable containers,” he said, adding that milk also tastes better from glass bottles.

The new Terrell dairy is expected to be the subject of an Amazon Prime documentary, with production starting sometime in January, noted Dunlap and Schrock.

The announcement of the 1836 Farms project follows last week’s news of Emergicon’s planned move from Forney to the former Walgreens store in Terrell. Economic development efforts are ongoing in Terrell despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to Dunlap.

“We’re talking to several people right now, but it’s still in early stages,” he said, noting that the Chamber and EDC have been working to support Terrell residents and existing businesses during the pandemic. “But during COVID 19 we’ve still been working on some projects.”

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