Trinity Valley Community College announces the honors list recipients for the spring 2019 semester. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours, make no failing grades and secure an average of at least a 4.0 GPA for the semester to be included on the President’s List, and at least a 3.5 GPA to be included on the Dean’s List.

Recipients are listed alphabetically by hometown:

President's List

TERRELL: Ryleigh E. Compton, Sharhonda Ewins, Avery N. Fain, Matthew A. Fields, Alexandrea G. Gobert, Tauriana D. Grant, Maritza Hernandez, Elizabeth Martinez, Jessica Olvera, Donyell R. Prince, Karina P. Salazar, Blayne W. Townsend, Michael T. Whitfield.

CANTON: Chandler B. Bass, Alexis N. Box, Audrey E. Jeanes, Jacob A. Johnson, Bryce A. Satterfield, Jorgina E. Strojek.

CRANDALL: Kristen N. Bailey, Abigail J. Cauley, John W. Garvin, Conner R. Hill, Maria D. Jimenez, Joshua E. Noe, Kristin S. Taylor.

FORNEY: Sylvie N. Awongu, Katelynn N. Hill, Nathan J. Magness, Jessica Morales, Carl B. Morgan, Aaliyah L. Summers, Haley A. Swaggerty, Yvonne J. Whalen, Rachael E. Zavadil.

KAUFMAN: Jennifer Cordero-posada, Alonzo Fraire, Alexis I. Guerrero, Derrian Hernandez, Katie L. Hopkins, Molly K. Joyner, Sarah M. Mcmahan, Robbin D. Miller, Kaylee M. Roberts, Erik W. Schneider, Sophie L. Schneider, Jazmin E. Shelton, Amy M. Watson.

KEMP: Shellye A. Anderson, Sidney M. Gomez-torres, Allison C. Kent, Andrea M. Mullins, Bibianna V. Pena, Krista L. Sterling, Lauren N. Thomas, Lindsey G. Thomas.

MABANK: Brittany D. Esparza, Jacob L. Keltner, Justin E. Legel, Jessica L. Miller, Maddison N. Park, Seth A. Potter, Angela L. Reedy, Christopher T. Rich, Summer L. Tobar.

QUINLAN: Alexis M. Pearcy.

WILLS POINT: Chelsea M. Breland, Lorrie Herrera, Kaylee D. Laymon, Leslie C. Lide, Brittany M. Littrell, Jose Montano, Keilah R. Nelson, Brandon S. Petty, Sarah A. Powell, Sabrina L. Redding, John-wesley P. Shelton, Clarisse E. Turner, Leticia B. Venable.

Dean's List

TERRELL: Abigail L. Beck, Lara A. Castillo, Crystal D. Crane, Mally Delgadillo, Michael A. Earnest, Rosemary A. Hanford, Dylan R. Heathcock, Misty D. Hogue, Michael B. James, Chance C. Knapp, James D. Masters, Sierra L. Mckenzie, Samuel C. Musser, George J. Palin, Jessica A. Palma, Kayli B. Patterson, Angela R. Pittman, Litzy D. Puebla, Drew B. Rosa, Heather A. Shilling, Sydney A. Sims, Jason T. West, Jack T. Young.

CANTON: Latrevian D. Fitzgerald, Anthony S. Lewis, Roxanne N. Stone, Luseana H. Taloa.

CRANDALL: Avery S. Cary, Samuel T. Pollock, Savannah L. Renfrow, Baileigh L. West.

FORNEY: Arron Z. Allmon, Maggie L. Carson, Tyler Copeland, Hannah D. Davis, Grayson C. Elam, Kimberly Foster-delapena, Marianna Garcia, Ashley Garner, Elijah M. Gremp, Crystal L. Kunde, Jaylen K. Mcgee, Rebekah A. Pasquinelli, Stone W. Phillips, Kennedy R. Rowland, Larry P. Sudduth, Niza A. Taliaferro, Raymond Witcher, Abigail Woodall-prince.

KAUFMAN: Brianna E. Archer, Alicia R. Bixler, Tristan N. Brewer, Andrea L. Davis, Kylie R. Doss, Christian J. Dulgher, Kailey N. Fagan, Christine E. Fernandez, Peyton O. Gilreath, Amya M. Miles, Spencer S. Murrey, Jaci A. Pfeifer, Laural E. Sartain, Colton R. Sipes, Cessie V. Strutton, Taylar E. Terranova, Britnie L. Townsend, Jacob D. Walker.

KEMP: Alesa Q. Baker, Kasey M. Beauchamp, Tammy D. Cheshier, Hannah Lindsay, Dean A. Massa, Janice E. Nelson, Joshua T. Summerhill, Mercedes Zapien.

MABANK: Kaley M. Bullock, Kristen Grimes, Sherry M. Hawes, Abigail L. Holt, Jaden L. Lopez, Taylor N. Merritt, Kylie M. Neighbors, Paris L. Nelson, Gene H. Olsen, Hannah B. Patterson, Laura R. Sandlin, Sheryl A. Stephens, Kylee R. Thomas.

QUINLAN: Conner W. Harwell, Christy R. Rupert.

ROYSE CITY: Justin A. Murphy, Ashley N. Smith.

SCURRY: Alexis P. Barnes, Kyle W. Kelly, Seth A. Maxwell, Kendall R. Silvers, Nicole M. Smith, Marleigh A. Stephens, Cailey A. Suarez.

VAN: Casey Pickrell.

WILLS POINT: Emma Ellington, Madeline P. Hayden, Vanessa N. Oswald.

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