Kennedy Elementary is tapping into the creative, vocabulary and academic potential of each student this school year.

Kennedy is conducting an enrichment program every morning before school starts which consists of Lego building that always the students to be creative.

“The kids really like that because it allows them to use their creative side,” Jones said.

Every Monday, Kennedy Elementary has a program called “Monday morning meanings” to introduce new vocabulary words to students.

“Our students need to expand their vocabulary and be able to use context clues,” Jones said.

During bathroom breaks, students can see posters that have test taking strategies on them so they can learn something outside of the classroom.

“We can teach test taking strategies to the kids while the kids are waiting in line to go to the restroom,” Jones said.

The staff at Kennedy Elementary has a big emphasis on small group reading and math to help the students further their learning.

“It’s proven that small group intervention will help the kids. They can focus better when you’re working with them in a smaller group as oppose to the whole group,” Jones said.

Also this year, Kennedy Elementary started a “JFK scholar shirt” program.

Students are nominated to wear a red “JFK scholar shirt” by a teacher for being a hands-on learner and reader.

“You have to be nominated by a teacher or staff member in order to wear this at Kennedy,” Jones said.

The staff at Kennedy has incorporated the Lexia reading program.

Lexia Learning is a program that focuses on reading comprehension and phonics. Students are placed in reading levels as determined by the results of a placement test; they advance by recording the number of minutes they read each day, and by completing individualized activities.

Kennedy has continued to implement its great expectations program. 

The eight expectations are: we will value one another as unique and special individuals, we will not laugh at or make fun of a person’s mistakes nor use sarcasm or putdowns, we will use good manners, we will cheer each other to success, we will help one another whenever possible, we will recognize every effort and applaud it, we will encourage each other to do our best, we will practice virtuous living, using the Life Principles.

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