Eddie Deen

Eddie Deen holds a plate Bar-B-Que during the Texas Gubernatorial Inauguration at the Texas Capital Building on Jan. 15.

Eddie Deen & Company Catering, with its main staging area located at 1104 South Virginia Street in Terrell, brought its famous Texas Bar-B-Que to the Texas Governor’s Inauguration, once again.

Governor Greg Abbott had his inauguration on Jan. 15 at the Texas Capital Building in Austin. Eddie Deen & Company Catering has catered Bar-B-Que at Texas Gubernatorial inaugurations since 1995.

10,000 people were served Bar-B-Que during the inauguration on Jan. 15 through Eddie Deen & Company Catering.

5,000 lbs. of brisket, 1,500 lbs. of pulled pork, 1,500 lbs. of chicken, half-a-mile of kiolbassa jalapeno beef sausage, 300 gallons of potato salad, 300 gallons of beans and 150 gallons of coleslaw was brought to the inauguration. It took 10 trucks to move and cater the food. 15 passenger vans were also used to transport people to help cater the event.

Eddie Deen and Company Catering also brought along a 28-foot-long cutting board.

Eddie Deen and Company Catering were also helped by the Kaufman County Young Marines who served food and placed tables and chairs. Hickory Roots BBQ and Smoke Monkey BBQ, both Terrell restaurants, also helped Eddie Deen and Company Catering.

Eddie Deen & Company Catering was selected to cater at the 1995 Texas Gubernatorial inauguration after delivering a presentation as to why its company should be selected to cater.

“I was in a different orbit than everybody else. [Other companies] were talking about food, I wasn’t talking about food, I was talking about how to protect the Governor of Texas. First day on the job, we have to wow the audience of 14,000 people. I was protecting the Governor’s interest by making him look good. Our job was to make Governor Abbot look like he knows what the hell he is doing,” Eddie Deen said. “The first day on my job is to make the Governor look good. That’s how we sold the first one. How can we make him look good? We’re not serving a meal, we’re serving the benefits of the meal. We’re not serving brisket, we’re serving the benefits of the brisket. We think about the experience.”

The biggest event Eddie Deen & Company Catering served food at was 25,000 to military servicemen and women at Fort Hood during a charity event.

Eddie Deen & Company Catering served 22,000 in 2001 during the three President George W. Bush Inaugural Balls at the Washington D.C. Convention Center.

For more information about Eddie Deen & Company Catering visit its website www.eddiedeen.com.

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