The Terrell City Council will vote on annexation proceedings for 1,000 foot-wide strips of specific land along Interstate 20, U.S. Highway 80, State Highway 205 and State Highway 34 in order to expand the city’s boundaries at its major entrances, during the Terrell City Council meetings on Tuesday, Sept. 17 and Thursday, Sept. 26.

City Council Resolution No. 928 directed the City Manager to prepare service plans for specified areas. Four of these have been completed, IH20, US80, SH205 and SH34. These Service Plans are available at On the Home page, scroll down to the grey tab, “Pending Annexations.”

If passed, the City of Terrell Fire Department, City of Terrell Emergency Medical Services and Terrell Police Department will provide services to the area annexed, according to the City of Terrell

“Obviously these services would begin with enhanced police and fire protection. When the annexation becomes effective, all law enforcement activities within the respective areas will be transferred from the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department to the Terrell Police Department,” City of Terrell Assistant City Attorney Greg Shumpert said during the Aug. 20 City Council meeting. “The same would also hold true in the area of fire protection. When the annexation becomes effective, all fire protection duties would be transferred from one or more “Volunteer Fire Departments” to the City of Terrell Fire Department. Finally, with regard to ambulance services, these would be answered by the City’s ambulance contractor, Care‐Flight Ambulance Services.”

For utilities, everyone in all four annexation areas that are provided potable water service by either a Water Supply Corporation of a Special Utility District will continue to receive the same serve after annexation, according to the City of Terrell.

“Contrary to various reports we have received, the City of Terrell has no plans to extend

any water lines or otherwise assume control over any customers or water lines currently

within the service area of a W.S.C. or a S.U.D,” Shumpert said. “As evidence of this fact, one needs only to look at several other areas recently annexed by the City of Terrell that lie within the service area(s) of various other W.S.C.s and S.U.D.s. You would find that not one customer has been lost nor any water lines affected as a result of any of these prior annexations. In the area of sewer service, the same holds true. All those on septic will remain on septic. The only change in this regard could be that the City of Terrell will assume the inspection and permitting duties for On Sit Sewer facilities within its city limits from Kaufman County. In addition, citizens within the newly annexed areas would be entitled to receive Library Services, Park Services, Pool Services, Trash pick‐up services, code enforcement services and Storm Water runoff services.”

The City of Terrell will not have the authority to give or take any agricultural tax exemption, according to the City of Terrell.

“This is strictly within the prevue of the Kaufman County Single Appraisal District. With regard to potential zoning changes, you can also rest assured that, you can continue to use

your property for agricultural purposes no matter what zoning actions the City of Terrell

may take. Zoning changes would only come into effect if as or when your property ceased

to be used for agricultural purposes,” Shumpert said.

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