Sam and Nia Rader have spent about five years uploading videos of their family time together on YouTube. Now, the Terrell family is gaining momentum and making a splash online.

From the latest video featuring an emoji within the bottom of a swimming pool, to the family video blogs sharing daily happenings of the family, the Rader’s are getting popular by simply being themselves and sharing faith and fun for fans.

What started with videos of Sam and his family singing popular Disney movie songs turned into a daily delivery of YouTube family videos.

“We don’t change up too much for the videos. We show what we’re doing and we try to be entertaining. We do a lot of crazy stuff too,” said Sam. “We lip synced in a car to Frozen and that went viral. People were like ‘hey, you should vlog.’ So, we were like, what’s that. So, we looked into it and found out and we started from there. And it just kind of picked up and started snowballing. I was able to quit my job. That was the plan after it went viral. I wanted to do lip syncs periodically and in between do vlogs because we couldn’t get paid for the lip syncs. But it was bringing in people.”

Sam and Nia realized that they could ride the wave of viral video popularity and have been enjoying the ride ever since.

Now, Sam and Nia are doing YouTube full-time, something that didn’t happen right away.

“That’s what people requested from the beginning. This is what we know … we build family. We’re also outspoken Christians. We felt like the younger crowd could use some good encouragement and see what it is like to live for the Lord as a small family and try to make it. And Nia is very passionate about being a mother,” said Sam.

“I think it’s just good to show kids maybe from broken homes the wholesome side of being a wholesome family and the struggles and a lot of people perceive that we live the perfect life, and that’s not true. And we try to show that things can be crazy, loud, messy, and hard. That is our main mission … we started our family very young,” said Nia.

“We’ve been doing it full-time for three or four years,” said Sam. “I was an ER nurse. Nia was a stay at home Mom.”

“I’m a stay at home Mom and I have an Etsy shop that I maintain. I make all different things,” said Nia.

Nia’s homemade crafts were decorated throughout the Rader home … homemade items that remind you of the ones you see with beautifully crafted lettering and wood framing.

On hand, Sam’s laptop and camera as they prepare for another day of family videos that would be sure to keep people watching. They upload at least six days out of the week.

“The crazy ones, like the one with the pools, it took over an entire week to get things set up, filmed and edited. But, a daily one, I think, takes like, a day of filming, editing, and re-uploading, so I would say two or three days,” said Nia.

“We always have little ideas coming through. We’re going to turn the swimming pool into a massive package. Decorate a box and fill it up with peanuts. We’re also doing some glitter art on top of the pools. We always do different slides. We just did a mudslide in the backyard. It was nasty though. But it was fun. It was kind of a fail,” said Sam.

Sam and Nia’s neighbors are used to the YouTube duo. The sounds of construction followed by sounds of laughter and play make it obvious that another project for their daily channel is underway.

“They see me build and they are just kind of used to it now … used to us doing crazy stuff. Our family also loves it and they get to be involved in the craziness. My brother was just saying that he get’s to be a part of these big things that most people don’t get to be a part of,” said Sam.

Sam and Nia have also participated in several YouTube conferences such as VidCon, a YouTube conference for personalities like them.

“I feel like we’re kind of on the outside of that now. Like, that was more of a hyper-focus at the beginning the first couple of years and now its been steady. I’m personally not interested in those things anymore,” said Nia.

“We’re not striving to become big super stars. We’re at a point we have a pretty good steady audience. Of course we like to bring in the views,” said Sam.

To view Sam and Nia’s YouTube videos, go to YouTube and search for Sam and Nia.

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