Shane Michael Healy

Shane Michael Healy

In his short 45 years of life, Shane Michael Healy made a lasting impression on all that he came in contact with.  He wasn’t a man of many words but, when he spoke, you were guaranteed a joke, an assist for an “ah ha” moment, or a piece of wisdom.  Some people may say that he didn’t accomplish much in life because he didn’t live lavish but, he did! He had extraordinary life experiences, personal achievement, gave back, and strong relationships...  that’s a rich life!

He was born in Paw Paw Michigan to John Orland Healy and Sandra Lorraine Harrison in 1975 and they had their hands full right away!  His ongoing curiosity and never-ending energy level got him into some precarious situations like riding a skateboard on his belly and ramming his head between two wrought iron fence posts as a kid….  which required a Fireman to release him.  

He moved to Terrell Texas in 1988 with his Mom and two sisters on an adventure to see how the other side of the states live.  Boy was it a culture shock!  He settled in, made a ton of friends and eventually established his own family.  In 2013, he moved to Tennessee to get a much needed change in life with almost nothing and built a new life.  In 2019 he moved back to Terrell to help his Mom when his Bonus Dad, Ronnie Harrison, was in his final days with Prostate Cancer.  His heart led his life decisions and family was always at the top for any considerations.

If you wanted to get him talking, just ask him about his kiddos!  He would talk about how proud of his independent and strong daughter, Katie Bates, for all that she has accomplished in life so far.  And, how he can’t get enough of his bubbly songbird, Destini Healy Allen, and always excited about her next performance.  They are his pride and joy in life and he always said they were the best thing in life that he ever had a chance to be a part of.

Shane was a jack of all trades!  He was a Land Surveyor, in the Army National Guard as a Mechanic, Manager at several of your favorite pizza places, an Electrician, a Dog Trainer and a Vet assistant.  If something needed to be fixed or installed, he was your guy.  He could fix anything and always was able to apply traditional thinking with a splash of creativity.  Shane contributed an immense amount to this world and now his work here is done.

On October 5th 2020, he lost his life to Lung Cancer but, his legacy will live on through all that knew and loved him.  Immediate family and close friends will have a small gathering to celebrate his life and enjoy all the memories of him on October 24th.  There will be a tree planted at Ben Gill Park in his memory in November and we plan to have a “Shane style” bash where all will be invited for July of 2021(Thanks COVID!).  You can watch Shane’s Facebook page to keep up with that dates and Activities!  If you would like to contribute toward these homages, please use the GoFundMe account: