Melba Webster Bartlet


Melba Webster Bartlett passed away May 3, 2019. Melba is survived by her husband, Michael A. Bartlett, sons, John, Matthew, and Patrick, grandchildren, Christopher, Kevin, Travis and Emily, sister, Winnie Stoy, and brother, Charlie.

Melba was preceded in death by siblings, David, Barbara Dodd, Joan, and Dwight.

Melba enjoyed music, art, the tech world, and sailing. She played piano, organ, and clarinet in the Terrell High School Band.

Professionally, she led the way in initiating computer operations for the Catholic Diocese Office of Education, where she worked as executive secretary to three superintendents for 36 years.

Beginning in 1970, with three young boys, Melba and Mike realized sailing, rather than motorcycling was the better hobby.

The entire family took to sailing as a sport, social activity, and adventure for twenty years. Mike and Melba enjoyed life at twelve different residences in Central Texas during 62 years of marriage.

Retiring in 1996, Melba loved travelling throughout the southwest United States. Big Bend was her favorite destination, and she loved summer visits with her brothers and sisters. Her fight with dry macular degeneration led to participation in experimental studies at the Austin Retina Center over a two-year span.

With Mike, Melba loved her three boys and their wives.

Services will be held Monday, June 10, 2019 at 11:00 A.M. at St. John’s Catholic Church, 702 N. Frances St., Terrell, Texas.