Keith Bell

Bell is the Texas State Representative of House District 4 for the 86th Texas Legislature. District 4 is a district of the Texas House of Representatives that serves the whole of Kaufman County and Henderson County

Laying out HB 1625 in Committee

On Monday, March 11, I appeared before my colleagues in the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and presented HB 1625, which protects first responders against false allegations of criminal misconduct made against them. This bill provides additional criminal liability to persons making allegations to law enforcement agencies for the purpose of initiating criminal proceedings against emergency services personnel, addressing a grey area in the current law. Protecting those who protect us is a priority of mine, and I was honored to have numerous first responders out testifying in favor of the bill. 

Public Education Rally

Had a great time attending the Public Education Rally on Monday, March 11. Got to hear first hand testimony from our State’s teachers about the need for proper funding and resources, and believe that my House colleagues and I have the answer. HB 3 provides property tax reform by lowering school property tax rates by 4 cents per every $100 of taxable property value Statewide. It further allocates resources to low-income students on a sliding scale (rather than an equal weight) to prioritize students with the highest needs, providing more funding to schools with higher concentrations of economically disadvantaged students and generational poverty.

District Office Openings

Our Athens and Forney District Offices are now open. Grateful to offer assistance and provide services to the people of HD 4 at all times, even when I'm down in Austin. I've included the addresses and telephone numbers below under "Office Contact Information". Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any HD 4 office should me or my staff be able to provide support.

Presenting Forney Helping Hand Award

It was my privilege to present Forney resident Dana Curry with the "Helping Hand Award", delivered by the Forney Chamber of Commerce. Dana's unwavering support and dedication to public education and community service is a glowing example to us all on how to be more selfless in our day-to-day lives.

"Meeting" with Rylan

Had a fun visitor stop by the Capitol Office last week. Happy to meet with my new friend Rylan and his family during their visit to the State Capitol.

HB 1446 Joint-Author

Last week I signed on as a Joint-Author to HB 1446, filed by Representative Kuempel. HB 1446 increases access to broadband internet for rural areas in Texas through the help of Texas Electric Cooperatives (Co-Ops). These Co-Ops are member-owned non-profits, which have over 300,000 miles of distribution lines throughout rural Texas. By utilizing their existing electricity infrastructure, they would be able to deploy broadband to the members they serve and meet their need for high speed internet. There are large areas of rural Texas that do not have access to high speed internet or even cell phone coverage, many of them within House District 4. I Joint-Authored this bill so that I could play a larger role in the delivery of this much-needed broadband throughout both Henderson and Kaufman County, and will be fighting for its passage. High speed internet has become a necessity for business, government institutions and everyday activity. Offering increased accessibility to these areas is vital for the continued economic success of our state.

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