Keith Bell

Bell is the Texas State Representative of House District 4 for the 86th Texas Legislature. District 4 is a district of the Texas House of Representatives that serves the whole of Kaufman County and Henderson County

Congratulating Ed Cox, Jr. on his Texas Parks & Wildlife Award

Want to congratulate Ed Cox, Jr. on receiving the “Lone Star Steward Award” from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, recognizing Ed for his considerable contributions to natural resource conservation and management in Texas! The "Edwin L. Cox, Jr. Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center" in Athens is named in his honor. It contains a state-of-the art hatchery production facility, 30,000 gallons of aquariums stocked with native fish, and educates visitors on freshwater fish management in Texas. It was a pleasure to be with Ed during the ceremonies last week to congratulate him on his dedication to the conservation of Texas wildlife.

SB 1754 Layout

Last week, I laid out Senator Huffman's Senate Bill 1754 before the House of Representatives. I was happy to sponsor SB 1754, which amends the current Texas Penal Code to read that a person commits a criminal offense when they take, or attempt to take a weapon from peace officers regardless of if they intended to harm the officer with the weapon. The current Texas Penal Code requires that a prosecutor prove that a person intends to harm the officer when they take or attempt to take a weapon from a peace officer, which is a very difficult burden for prosecution to reach. Removing this requirement will ensure that people trying to disarm officers are prosecuted appropriately.

SB 1978 Passage

Pleased to report the passage of Senate Bill 1978, which protects the First Amendment right of ALL Texans to support religious organizations of their choosing; and to do so without fear that it could impact their ability to work for or do business with governmental entities. SB 1978 meets this objective by prohibiting governmental entities from discriminating and taking adverse action against persons or businesses based on their affiliation with a religious organization. Some cities and governments want to attack your religious liberties. In Texas, your right to express your beliefs is safeguarded by Senate Bill 1978. 

SB 22 Passage

Senate Bill 22, by Senator Campbell, has passed the Texas House and will now be sent to Governor Abbott's desk to be signed into law. SB 22 prohibits a governmental entity from entering into a taxpayer resource transaction with an abortion provider or an affiliate of an abortion provider. The bill prohibits taxpayer dollars at both the state and local level from being used to fund abortion facilities and affiliates. I was happy to stand with my fellow lawmakers to pass this crucial piece of legislation, and will continue my commitment to protecting innocent life.

Legislative Action

Senate Bill 18 has passed the House of Representatives. SB 18, by Senator Huffman, establishes that public higher education institutions must adopt policies detailing students' rights regarding free speech on college campuses. This bill provides firm state policy to protect expressive constitutional rights of individuals by recognizing freedom of speech and assembly as central to the mission of public institutions of higher education. I was glad to stand with my fellow House members to protect Texans' rights to speak and assemble freely on campus.

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