Sedberry is a big proponent of creating a competitive atmosphere among the football players at Terrell High School.

The areas Sedberry is creating competition is through weight lifting, speed and leadership. Sedberry has 10 chains and if a football player wins one of those categories, the player earns a chain.

“You have to sometimes figure out how to create competition within your own team,” Sedberry said.

There are four leadership chains, one chain for the overall leader or ‘Top Tiger’, then a chain is awarded to a player who has the fastest 40-yard run time, strongest squat weightlifter, strongest bench weightlifter, strongest power clean weightlifter and 100 lb. sled pusher.

“Players can challenge to get a chain every week,” Sedberry said. “It’s something to make the kids strive. If [a player] earns a chain it turns them into a leader and they have to stay at the top of their game because somebody is going to be coming for it.”

The four leadership chains are given to a player after being voted on by the coaching staff.

Then the Terrell football coaching staff has a point system to award the ‘Top Tiger’ chain to a player. The ‘Top Tiger’ measures a player’s height, weight, 40-yard run time, squat, bench, classroom performance and classroom attendance.

Another creative tool Sedberry is incorporating in pre-season practice is having non-seniors earn their way onto the varsity team.

All the senior football players are able to use the varsity locker room but the underclassman are placed in the junior varsity and freshman locker room in order to earn their way onto the varsity team.

“That wouldn’t have been fair to the seniors who have already been in the program. But from here on out everybody has to earn their way [to the varsity team],” Sedberry said. “Nothing is given to you in life, you have to earn it.”

During practice, players on varsity are wearing red helmets and the players on sub-varsity are wearing white helmets.

The game day helmets will have stickers on it that will signify something. A paw sticker will signify an offense, defense or special teams goal that was accomplished. A star sticker will signify a special play that was accomplished during a game. A superman sticker, which is the hardest sticker to get, will signify an accomplishment that was made through the classroom, community or on the football field.

“Its to teach the kids that your always being watched, eyes are always one you and we want you to be heroic on a day-to-day basis,” Sedberry said.

Through it all, Sedberry said being on the Terrell High School football team will help later on in life

“We think that the experience of finishing a season [on the football team} will have greater benefits in life rather than just quitting because its not going your way,” Sedberry said.

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